Hone Alone: A birthday gift from Aimee

One of the special gifts my beautiful wife Aimee gave me this year was some time at home alone.
Your initial reaction may be one of less than thrilled, but I assure you as a father of four, this was a gift of great sacrifice on her part and unforeseen joy of my own.

Here is what has transpired in the 120 minutes afforded me:

  1. Went to the bathroom without having to settle an arguement between my eight and five year olds from the throne.
  2. Took a hot shower wherein I was able to shampoo and condition my hair and tend to my beard and nose hairs.
  3. Checked Facebook birthday messages on a computer which wasn’t being pounded on by the two year old.
  4. Cleared off my dresser and night stand
  5. Began an all too violent and poorly acted movie, then changed it mid-sentence for a much better acted but only slightly less-violent one.
  6. Actually created a personal blog post…not a reblog, not a picture…something original.

So, a special thank you to my beautiful bride and family whom, despite any implication above, I actually kind of miss right now.

I wonder when they get back…

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