Kids 3.0: How to Raise Healthy Children in a Tech World

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I also saw significant parallels between children’s development and the development of software…In fact, a key goal for me is to ensure that children’s immersion in this new technology results in their being new and improved rather than being “buggy” or, even worse, having a “virus” that cripples them. Unfortunately, there a is a growing body of research indicating that the latter may be occurring. Parents have perhaps the most essential role in whether children’s entry into cyberspace results in a version “upgrade” or software that “crashes.”

In creating Kids 3.0, I focus on six qualities that have always been essential to children’s development and are perhaps even more important in this new world dominated by technology: values, self-identity, thinking, relationships, health and life. Of course, there are other attributes that are important for children’s healthy development, but I chose these six because they seem to me to be most vulnerable to the “dark side” of technology.

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