Arab Spring Pt. 2: Growing Up Is Gonna Hurt

people's revolution promotion image

American’s may love the good toppling of any government not like it’s own…especially when it’s a grassroots endeavor by the people and takes down tyranny.

The simple-minded approach.

The happenings of this last week should be an embarrassment to everyone involved.

The movie, allegedly backed by an alleged crook and a Koran-burning Terry Jones, probably didn’t need to get made, promoted, or distributed. Shame.

Now, I haven’t seen the film or its trailer… Let’s be clear. But I have to wonder what Jesus Christ would think of it. He did say some pretty incendiary things to the masses that followed him around. He also tempered those messages with a revolutionary kindness and love. In fact, many have referred to the Kingdom of God as an upside down kingdom…not jiving with long-held ideas of power and change.

However, despite the alleged (note that word keeps popping up) hatefulness of the film, if we hold freedom of speech to be a tenet of a civilized and free society, it had every right to be made.

   [Ugh. That hurts, right?]

This is the difficult part for protesters to imagine; I assume and would love to ask one. They have protested for freedom in the past…the right to say what they want to say about their government and leaders, but when someone exercises their free speech, and its something the masses don’t like…riot…violently…against the nation where the film was made…

Side note: I’m not blaming the murder of the US Abassador on the crowds; I thing some entity was an opportunist of sorts.

This is part of the freedom process, I’d guess. If the Arab Spring isn’t simply replacing Military regime’s with religioist regimes, we have to get past the stage of “I can say whatever I want, but you can’t!” It’s childish behavior, really…misplaced aggression, I’d say.

And it’s not going to be easy to put down the rock or shoe and pick up the olive branch and dialogue…especially when the offense is so close to your identity.



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