President Obama Addresses Higher Education

These are my takeaways from today’s address at the Al Glick Field House, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  I’ve tried to indicate when something is what was said verbatim vs what I think I heard…without opinion.

Say what you want about the politics, this man can deliver a speech!


the presidential seal is now been placed on the podium

      Sent at 9:41 AM on Friday


U2 – Oh YOU look so beautiful tonight…

white house press corps now entering

      Sent at 9:44 AM on Friday


you can almost feel the energy in the Al Glick Field House

      Sent at 9:47 AM on Friday


Sen. Carl Levin in the hizzy

      Sent at 9:52 AM on Friday


Uh-Oh…they’ve started to recycle the background music!!!!!

      Sent at 9:57 AM on Friday


Christina Beckman, sophomore introducing the President

Here he is! Sleeves are rolled up!

      Sent at 10:00 AM on Friday


“I love you back!”

“Where’s Denard? I hear you’re coming back, man?”

      Sent at 10:02 AM on Friday


“College is the single most important investment you can make in your future, and I’m proud of you.”

      Sent at 10:05 AM on Friday


“Michigan’s all about making stuff. If there’s anybody who can teach us something about manufacturing, it’s the great state of Michigan.”

      Sent at 10:07 AM on Friday


“…double down on a clean energy industry that’s incredible promising…”

      Sent at 10:12 AM on Friday


“…everyone to have access to a world class education just like the one you are receiving here at Michigan.”

“I am only here today because grants and student loans gave me the opportunity to get a better education.”

      Sent at 10:13 AM on Friday


about increasing student aid…taxpayer subsidies to banks who issue loans to the students who need them

repayment should be no more than 10% of your increasing

if congress doesn’t act…student loan interest rates will DOUBLE!

congress needs to extend tuition tax credit

      Sent at 10:19 AM on Friday


congress needs to double the number of work study jobs in the next X years

“We’re putting colleges on notice, you can’t just jack up tuition every year…we should hold them accountable”

      Sent at 10:21 AM on Friday


More federal funding to schools who are making sure that you all (students) don’t leave here with too much debt.

      Sent at 10:23 AM on Friday


Does it make sense that millionaires have a lower tax rate than their secretaries?

>$1M should be 30% tax rate

<$250K your taxes shouldn’t go up

      Sent at 10:28 AM on Friday


we’re successful because somebody spent money to build roads, military, etc

“We’ve got a different idea of America, a more generous America”

“Now it’s our turn to be responsible.”

“You embody that sense of possibility that is quintessentially of America”

      Sent at 10:33 AM on Friday



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