Day 11: 30 Poems 30 Days [Patriot Day Edition]

How brief the morning coolness was
Crisp, beautiful, and bright
Buildings gleamed in sunshine
Earth’s beauty bathed in light

Yet an instant few could see
Brought fire raining down
On streets of old Manhattan
Beside sweet Liberty’s crown

The message itself confusing
Sound “Terror” or “Attack”
Was neither and the both,
I think, and tethered with no slack

And fell the twins and brass of might 
All vapor, grime and dust
Obscured the tears of Children
While one plowed Earth’s hard crust

Ten years, two wars and echoings
Of leaders dead and soldiers lame
Such loss may wake the heavens
With hate done in one god’s name 

Now from the rubble comes the dawn
Now from it’s ashes sternly rise
Such glory held high by memory
Such loss and glory hope comprise 



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