MarchSTACE Madness and Farewell


When I started this project last November, I thought it would be a great adventure…an excuse to grow my beard out for an extended period of time and maybe raise a little money for The Fifth Corner, a teen center in Saline, Michigan. I sit on the board of this organization and know that the money is needed and would be well spent on rent to keep the doors open.

I had no idea

  • You’d donate so much money!
  • Beards have two itchy phases, but don’t itch all the time.
  • I’d both love and loathe my beard by the end of the challenge.
  • That every month people would be overwhelmingly sadistic, albeit polite, with ther vo-nations…four months straight!
  • How much my wife dislikes very long beards.

Indeed it was she who, with a last minute vo-nation, spared herself the Col. Sanders look above in exchange for her favorite:


So the Goatee with Mustache wins the day, week, month, and era.

Thank you all for making this adventure fun! Anyone want to join me for MULLY (Mullet Challenge July)?

Please look me up at my regular posterous!


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