MarchSTACHE Madness, the burning embers of BeardChallenge

Well, Beard Challenge 2010/11 has been a rousing success in my book. I’ve raised significant funds for the Fifth Corner teen center in Saline, MI; garnered the respect and admiration of many envious men; avoided a Samson and Delilah scenario; and had a bit of fun in the process.

But like all good things, this, too must come to some kind of conclusion…and with that, I give you MARCHSTACHE MADNESS!!!!!!

This is it folks, the final appeal of facial hair fundraising…

Here’s how it works…everybody’s donation goes into one bucket this time.  I’ll add up all the donations for the month of February and wherever we land in the matrix below is what I’ll sport for the indicated period of time.

Click here to make your donation:

Here’s the matrix:


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