Guest Post: My List of Borrowed, Amazing Christmas Ideas by Aimee Adams

Thank you to my beautiful wife for this list…now read and add your own!



Through the years I’ve listened to many of my students, their parents, and my friends share their most cherished & memorable Christmas traditions.


1)  Always read the Christmas story from The Bible (the Luke version) on Christmas Eve.  Keep the focus on Jesus’ birthday.  Explain why we give & celebrate (like Jesus did) @ Christmas time.


2) Keep it simple~ Buy your kiddo’s just a few gifts: Something to Read, Something to Wear, Something to Play With, and Something to Eat.


3)  When the kids are old enough, let all of them (sib’s, cousins. etc. whoever is @ your house) sleep under/around the lit Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.  (Chelle Schiller – mom of 6)


4) Open gifts from family on Christmas Eve and gifts (& stockings) from “Santa” on Christmas AM.  Also- parents- do not let your kids believe that ALL gifts are from Santa.


5)  Put a pair of new PJ’s under each child’s pillow to wear Christmas AM.  (These are not included as a Something to Wear gift.)  I give these to our kids on Christmas Eve.


6) When the kids are older- put a “puzzle” or brainteaser type of game in each child’s stocking.  Allow them to retrieve it Christmas morning.  All kiddo’s must solve their puzzle prior to waking their parents.  🙂  (Jamie Van Epps)


7)  Have a large, protein-filled breakfast after opening gifts Christmas AM!  Get the kids off to a healthy start.


8)  Give everyone the Gift of Encouragement:  Have each person, children and adults, share 1 positive characteristic (how they saw Jesus in each person) about each person gathered @ Christmas gift opening.  This does not have to be overtly spiritual.  Regardless of your religious beliefs, every person loves to and needs to hear good things about themselves.  For many, this will be their favorite gift.  (When the kids are old enough, do this on paper- 1 per person.  Everyone will write what they love or see as a positive characteristic for each person.  Then everyone will be able to have their written words of encouragement to take home!)


9)  Each year buy an ornament for your child that represents something about them that year.  Ex- Joshua loved any kind of “ball” last year so he got a baseball ornament.   I pick them out for the little ones but allow the older kids to select their own. Caleb has begun collecting snow globe ornaments b/c he loves Winter.  When the children move out on their own, they will take their ornament collections/memories w/ them for their Christmas tree.


Please share your Amazing Traditions with me in your comments.



Merry Christmas, Friends and Family!



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